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A little inspiration can go a LONG way.
"She helped me with a mantra." 
So, I had been experiencing acceptional pain in my foot for over a month. I kept looking at the problem and focusing on it. No matter how much I tried not thinking about it the more it hurt.
Since Jessica started her mantramaddness challenge she helped me with a mantra as I explained to her what was going on. She let me know I was sending energy where my focus was flowing. So I was the one keeping it in pain. So I switched my thinking, and literally over night the pain was gone and what was going on with my foot, no more pain, like none at all. I had been not able to stand for more than 5 min at a time due to all the pain. To sleeping waking up, and completely out of pain. Just by putting in to play for maybe 6 hours I was able to get myself completely out of pain. CRAZY anyway THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH JESSICA FOR BEING YOU! I’m not even sure how long I would have been in pain, but it could’ve been so much longer. I really do know that
"I have never felt more calm"
Thank you, Jessica Lynn Cook for the reading the other night! It really brought things into perspective! I must say, I've felt more calm since then. I appreciate your insight and guidance!  Blessing and much luv! <3
"She is so understanding"
Jessica is such a great listener and life coach.  I have loved working with her.  She truly listens to your needs and makes recommendations based on what people truly need. 
- Allison