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  1. January 8th 2017
    Find your inner light.
    Do you feel lost adrift the oceans of life? Not sure where you are headed or what you were meant for? Let's take 4 weeks to work together and find your purpose, your inner light. What is it that makes your heart soar? In this video conference group class, we will work to find your light and open you up to share it with the world. We will cover questions like "Why me?" "What can I offer?" "Aren't there enough do gooders out there?" "What's in it for me?" As well as "How do I know my purpose?" "How can I use this to help anyone?" "How much time should I spend doing this?" Find Your Inner Light is a total of 8 hours of group coaching. 4, 2-hour classes, Sunday nights at 6pm Central time, live on Zoom. That's a value of over $400! I am offering this class for $160. Contact me for details on how to sign up for this class and start shining your light.
  2. Feb 18th 2017
    Order of Operations
    What is the one thing we all seem to need more of? Time. Since it is not possible to add another second to our day, we need to do the next best thing. Spend some time with me and learn how to prioritize your time by figuring out what things really are most important to your over all health and happiness. Guess what! I will have a free gift for everyone who comes and stays to the end! The best part? It's all free!!! That's right! This class is absolutely free! What do you need to do to register? Join Inner Light Tribe on Facebook ( ) Have the free Zoom app installed on your Internet device. Show up!
  3. March 1st, 2017
    Love Yourself First
    This 5 week course is all about finding the ways that best suit you to take the time to care for yourself. In our society, we are constantly told to take care of everyone else first, because if we do anything for ourselves, we're being selfish. That's crazy! How can we take care of others when we haven't taken care of ourselves? What can we give when we have nothing? Wednesday nights, from 7:30-9:30pm, C, from March 1 through March 29, we will get together to learn new ideas on what self care is, why it's important, and what you can do to make it a part of your regular routine. Please note on March first the time is from 9-11 C. The tools and support you need to truly love yourself and take care of your mind, body, and soul are available for $200. Take this journey with me and bring a little love into your life.